Laure Roman

PhD student (FRIA-FNRS)

Université Libre de Bruxelles
Écologie des Systèmes Aquatiques CP-221
Boulevard du Triomphe
B-1050 Bruxelles

Phone: +32 (0)26505988


Research Interests

My research aims to better our understanding of cyanobacteria bloom dynamics in the context of shallow lentic ponds in Brussels. The first objective of this thesis project is to identify the main species of cyanobacteria present in these bodies of water, to estimate the toxicity associated with their blooms, and to describe their seasonal evolution and spatial distribution. The second objective is to determine the impact of environmental factors on their bloom dynamics. The final objective is to develop a mechanistic model capable of reproducing the evolution of the main phytoplankton groups, including cyanobacteria, in shallow urban ponds settings. This model will allow us to assess how elevated temperatures, extreme weather events, and increased nutrient loading of surface waters, linked to climate change and eutrophication, will impact the occurrence, frequency, and magnitude of cyanobacterial blooms.


Thesis: “Study and modelling of the cyanobacteria blooms dynamics in lentic ecosystems in the Brussels region”

Supervisor: Nathalie Gypens