I. Peeters siteIsabelle Peeters
“Dynamics of biogenic sulfur in the South Bay of the North Sea”

Promotor: Nathalie Gypens    Co-promotor: Alberto Borges (Ulg)

sceau_ulb siteNatacha Motteu
“Occurrence of antibiotic resistance in bacterial communities along the Zenne River”

Promotor: Pierre Servais    Co-promotor: Lorenzo Proia

sceau_ulb site

Benoît Van geem

“Influence of soil microbial communities on growth of Noccea Caerulescens and its metal accumulation

Promotor: Isabelle George   Co-promotor: Nausicaa Noret

sceau_ulb siteJean-Yves Grandjean
“Sensitivity analysis and optimization of the ecological MIRO model applied to the Southern Bight of the North Sea”

 Promotor: Nathalie Gypens