Étienne Dechamps

PhD student (FRIA-FNRS)

Université Libre de Bruxelles
Écologie des Systèmes Aquatiques CP-221
Boulevard du Triomphe
B-1050 Bruxelles

Phone: +32 (0)26505715
Fax: +32 (0)26505993
Email: Etienne.Dechamps@ulb.be

Research Interests

My project consists in finding a new antibacterial compound (against Staphylococcus aureus) produced by a strain isolated from the marine sponge Hymeniacidon perlevis. The project is composed of three axes of work. First, the optimal conditions for the production of the antibacterial compound will be determined. Second, the compound will be isolated and its identity studied with mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. Finally, genomics analyses will be performed in order to understand under which conditions the compound is produced.

 Supervisor: Isabelle George