General equipment:
–  Field salinometer and pHmeter
–  Liquid scintillation counter, Packard
–  High temperature furnace, HC –  Autoclave, Systec 3870
–  Laminar flow hood, ADS
–  Laminar flow hood , CLF 475
–  Laminar flow hood, Captair Bio,Biocap
–  Ultra pure water system, MilliQ
–  Refrigerated centrifuge 3-16KL, Sigma
–  Thermostatic bath, Polyscience
–  Rotating table, Vel
–  Filtration systems, Millipore
–  Manifold filtration system for microbiological analysis
–  Vacuum/Pressure Pumps, Millipore
–  Peristaltic pump, Vel
–  Thermos bottle for liquid nitrogen, Locator
–  Ultrasonics bath and probe, Labsonic
–  Marine snow catch bottle, prototype
–  Precision Balances, Analis
– Balance, Mettler-Toledo
– ultra-low temperature freezer (-80°C), New Brunswick
– Portable -20°C freezer, Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 40W
– DOC and POC carbon analyzer TOC N/C 3100, Analytik Jena (shared with Prof. S. Bonneville, BGeosys unit, ULB)

Incubators & culture cabinets:
–  Simulated in situ deck incubators equipped with light attenuation filters, prototype
–  Laboratory incubator equipped with light attenuation filters, prototype
–  Photosynthetron, CHPT –  Thermoregulated cabinets
–  Thermoregulated illuminated culture room, prototype
–  Thermoregulated light cabinets (-20°C – +60°C), Rumed GMBH
–  Thermoregulated incubator shakers Innova 44R (20°C below ambient – +80°C), New Brunswick
–  Rolling device for aggregate formation, prototype
–  Sedimentation column (SEDCOL), prototype
–  Incubators for the study of biofilms in water supply networks, prototypes

Optical instruments:
–  SpectraMax Plus 96 Microplate Reader, Molecular Devices (visible light)
–  Spectrophotometer (Lambda 650S) equipped with integrated sphere, Perkin Elmer
–  Fluorometer with integration sphere, Kontron –  Fluorometer LS 55, Perkin Elmer
–  Spherical microquantameter US-SQS/LI, Walz
–  Atmospheric and underwater light (PAR) sensors, Li-COR
–  Profiling Natural Fluorometer System PNF-300, Biospherical Instruments
–  Light absorption and attenuation sensor AC9, WET-Labss
–  Pulse Amplitude Modulated (PAM) Fluorimeter, Walz
– Fiber optic oxygen meter Fibox3 (Presens)

–  Inverted microscope, Leica

–  Epifluorescence microscope DMRXA, Leica
–  Digital camera, Nikon
–  Digital image analyser, Lucia 4.6
–  FlowCAM
– Flow cytometer BD Accuri C6

Molecular biology:
–  DGGE Dcode-Kit, Biorad
–  Thermocycler, Eppendorf
–  Transilluminator UV HI/LO 302 nM 20 x 20
–  Electrophoresis system mini-gel, I-MUPID
–  Laminar flow hood RNA/DNA, Biocap
–  Vertical Laminar flow hood class II BSC, Esco, Analis
–  Real-Time PCR System Stepone Plus,Applied Biosystems
–  Centrifuge 5424 ,Eppendorf
–  Vortex Genie 2 with horizontal 24-microtube holder, Scientific Industries
–  Electroporator, Eppendorf
–  Qubit 4 Fluorometer, ThermoFisher Scientific
–  Precellys® 24 Evolution tissue homogenizer (Bertin Instruments)
– Sequencer MinIon (Nanopore)
– HulaMixer sample mixer